Features and Benefits

With TicketShowcase.com you can sell tickets to your events with low platform fees and features and abilities not found anywhere else. TicketShowcase.com helps you build and grow your SMS just by selling tickets on our platform.

Our platform is built around the notion that everyone has a phone and we leverage that for a better attendee experience.

Configure SMS messages on certain events in the customer journey. Text them when the redeem their pass and who scanned it. Send SMS event-related messages to the attendees.

Our platform is set up well for private event hosts. You can choose to send an SMS of the event address and other details on your schedule.

You can schedule SMS or Email campaigns to go out on a certain date and time. This is great for sending out reminders or other event-related information.

You can choose from several different brands to sell your tickets and market your events. TicketShowcase.com and CircuitTix.com are available now. Others coming soon (ConcertTix.net, EDMTix.net, EDMTix.us, FestivalTickets.us, LGBTTix.com, PrideTix.us, TicketBrains.com, TicketCrafcters.com, Tix.ForSale, TranceTix.com).